Volunteer Opportunities

The Tree Ottawa Boothing Team at the Dragon Boat Festival

The Tree Ottawa Boothing Team at the Dragon Boat Festival

Are you passionate about making your community more green and environmentally friendly?  Volunteer with Tree Ottawa! New volunteers will be helping our Tree Campaign that aims to organize the largest ever tree give away in Ottawa to celebrate the 150 years of Canada and to fight against the death of millions of ash trees. We have positions for all types of people. Join us and be part of the team that helps these seedlings find their new homes!


The Tree Ottawa Events Team :

Do you want to attend awesome festivals and events all summer to give away trees? Join our events team! Tree Ottawa is looking for volunteers who can come out to events to help run our Tree Ottawa booth and hand out free trees. We’re looking for volunteers who are comfortable talking to people, outgoing, and enjoy being at all the events Ottawa has to offer. In the past our events team has gone to The Dragon Boat Festival, The ByWard Market, Herb Fest, and various other events. No experience or expertise required. If you have time available on weekends and are a people person, this is a great volunteer opportunity for you.


Tree Ottawa Tagging Volunteer:

Tree Ottawa has thousands of trees this summer that need to be tagged with slips of paper thanking our sponsors before they can be distributed at events. Our tagging sessions are laid-back and fun, and are great opportunities to make new friends or learn a bit about trees. Sessions often include snacks and movies, so bring your friends!


The Tree Ottawa Data Team:

So many trees, so much data! Tree Ottawa is looking for volunteers to help input data collected at events into our database. We’re looking for volunteers who have a basic grasp of Microsoft Excel, have good organization skills, and are attentive to detail.


Tree Ottawa Translation Volunteer

One of the great things about is Ottawa is its bilingual population. Tree Ottawa is looking for volunteers to help translate English documents into French. We’re looking to grow out French speaking audience!


Tree Map Team:

Did you know we have a Tree Map? We do! It’s a map where Ottawa citizens can mark down trees they’re dedicated to taking care of in Ottawa. We are currently looking for volunteers to help manage and monitor the tree map, and to make sure it’s running smoothly, and that the trees are being properly uploaded!



What can you gain from this volunteer position?

  • Develop team building, leadership, and project organization skills;
  • Develop your knowledges on trees;
  • Meet like-minded people who are working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada;
  • Make a difference for your city and your planet; and
  • Obtain a letter of reference and real world experience to build your resume


If you’re interested in becoming part of the amazing Tree Ottawa volunteer team please send an email to teagan.yaremchuk@ecologyottawa.ca


Tree Ottawa Volunteer Monique getting ready to plant trees

Tree Ottawa Volunteer Monique getting ready to plant trees


2 Comments on “Volunteer Opportunities”

  1. jo
    November 2, 2015 at 3:07 pm #

    i would like to volunteer for the tree ottawa boothing team

    • Monica Seidel
      December 2, 2015 at 12:28 pm #

      Hi Jo! Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Tree Ottawa! Please send us an email and we will get back to you: treeottawa@ecologyottawa.ca

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