Become a Tree Ottawa Ambassador

One of Tree Ottawa’s goals is to green-up our tree canopy and to ensure its health and vitality in perpetuity. To ensure that this goal is achieved, Ottawan’s need to know about the initiative. They need to know that our tree canopy is being threatened. They need to know that newly planted trees require extra care to survive. They need to know that there are people who are trying to make sure that each tree being planted, will survive.

To encourage efforts towards the One Million Trees target, Tree Ottawa is approaching individuals across Ottawa to be Tree Ottawa Ambassadors. Some 150 Tree Ottawa Ambassadors are sought, representing the 150 years of Canada’s existence as a country by 2017. Being an Ambassador is an important role, yet it is simple. It involves 3 Simple Actions:

  1. Plant a tree (which could be a sampling or a small/large caliper tree) on your property, or make a donation to support one of the Tree Ottawa Collaborating Organizations (such as: Boys Scouts, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority or Hidden Harvest, along others) to plant a tree. The planting of trees indigenous to Canada is particularly important.
  2. Share your actions supporting tree planting with your personal and professional networks, and speak in support of Tree Ottawa
  3. Be publicly recognized as an “Ambassador” by Tree Ottawa and Ecology Ottawa

Blackburn Tree Planting Group Edit

If you want to become an ambassador please contact Tree Ottawa by filling out the below form.





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