Donate to Make Ottawa the Green Capital of Canada!

Donate to Tree Ottawa and get trees planted! Just $50 helps Tree Ottawa purchase trees for local planting and supports outreach efforts to key Collaborators working with us to reach 1 MILLION trees planted.   Becoming a Tree Ottawa Donor is just one click away!

$50 – Root Donors

$100 – Seedling Donors

$250 – Sapling Donors

$500 – Caliper Donors

$1000 – Canopy Donors 

Sponsor Tree Ottawa with a donation of $1000 or more and reap the recognition benefits of sponsorship.

Contact Tree Ottawa Team Lead Velta Tomsons to learn more about a becoming a Tree Ottawa Collaborator and/or Sponsor.  Phone: 613.286.5883.  E-mail:





Collaborate with Tree Ottawa and help us plant 1 MILLION trees.  Tree Ottawa’s goal is to act as a coordinating agent and a voice for a number of Ottawa organizations working now to make our city the Green Capital of Canada.  Thanks to Tree Ottawa’s outreach, Collaborators are planting hundreds of thousands more trees in Ottawa to replace those killed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  Collaborators can plant trees, make a donation, and help with outreach.


To learn more about or to support the founding Tree Ottawa Collaborators, click on the images below.

ecology-ottawa-logo2Hidden Harvest LogoScouts Canada Logo

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