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Can Garlic injections help with some tree diseases?

Injecting trees with a concentrated form of garlic might help save trees in the UK from deadly diseases. Operating under an experimental government licence, a prototype piece of technology to administer the solution is being trialled on a woodland estate in Northamptonshire. Widespread use of the injection process is impractical and expensive. But it could […]

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Feeling A Little Distracted? Try Some Green Space Therapy!

Next time you’re at work and feeling distracted, take a break to look at a tree!  Research suggests that even short periods of exposure to natural spaces can help reset the mind and improve focus. In January of 2016, National Geographic posted an article called, “This Is Your Brain on Nature” which describes nature’s rejuvenating […]

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India: 50 Million Trees in 24 Hours!

Many of you know us as Tree Ottawa, an Ecology Ottawa initiative striving to plant one million trees by 2017 for Canada’s 150th birthday. This process has taken us numerous months, and there is no denying the amount of time it takes to make this happen. India has done the same work we’re trying to do, just […]

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Ottawa Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden: an place where plants are grown for public display and for some scientific study. We all know what botanical gardens are. Chances are that you’ve been to one, such as the one in Montreal (which is gorgeous). But what we currently lack is a national botanical garden, but that may very well be soon […]

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August 7th: Blom Property Tour!

Did you miss the Blom Property Opening that happened on June 4th? No worries! Another tour is being kindly organized by Owen Clarkin on August 7th, 2016. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to check out some of the remarkable trees gracing those lands! Blom Property is located Corner of County Rd. 1 and Van Camp Rd. […]

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New Tree Protection Changes

Did you know that as of May 26th, 2016, new changes to protect urban trees have been implemented for the process of getting a distinctive tree permit in the city? For years, urban trees have been needlessly destroyed by infill developers. However, the majority of those trees didn’t need to die; their deaths could have been avoided altogether […]

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First Book Club Meeting-May 16th!

Passionate about books? Passionate about trees? Want to join a club about books and trees? If you answered yes to any of those questions, look no further! Tree Ottawa will be hosting our very first book club meeting next week, May 16th, 7-8pm at the Tea Store (53 York Street). After all, what goes better with books […]

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Reforesting Nicaragua

Exploring Possibilities for Reforestation in Southwestern Nicaragua

Why should we explore methods of reforestation? Approximately 80% of central america’s vegetation has disappeared. This has consequence on the regions’s biodiversity which is not able to survive. (Dorgay, et. al., 2016) Luckily a non-profit organization Paso Pacifico tries to find solutions for re-forestation such as tree planting and the concept of living fence rows. (Dorgay, […]

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Here’s how forest fires do good for the environment

Forest Fires   Forest fires can be normal and natural. Here’s why: They help “clean up” forests and keep them healthy. But for years, many Americans looked upon forest fires as something bad—something that needed to be stamped out. So that’s what we tried to do. That approach caused problems: Without any fires to clear […]

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The increasing population of liana inhibit a forest’s ability to capture carbon

As tropical forests take over abandoned agricultural land, scientists expect these new forests to mop up industrial quantities of atmospheric carbon. However, the growing population of liana may be hindering the carbon absorption of the trees. This invasive vine is more drought-tolerant than most other trees, allowing the vine to flourish in times of disparity. Read […]

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