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Ottawa’s Forest Management Plan – Phase 2 Public Consultations

It’s a plan that will shape how the City of Ottawa promotes and cares for its trees for the next 20 years, and these public meetings are an opportunity for you to learn more and provide input. The Urban Forest Management Plan is a whopping 265 pages but it’s summed up nicely in a 10 […]

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Green spaces improve phyical and mental health

Learn About Sustainable Cities!

Do you have an interest in urban geography and the way cities function?  Are you driven by a passion for sustainability?  Would you like a chance to unite these in an academic setting?  If so, we have a great opportunity for you! The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network is offering a free, online course […]

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Feeling A Little Distracted? Try Some Green Space Therapy!

Next time you’re at work and feeling distracted, take a break to look at a tree!  Research suggests that even short periods of exposure to natural spaces can help reset the mind and improve focus. In January of 2016, National Geographic posted an article called, “This Is Your Brain on Nature” which describes nature’s rejuvenating […]

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Heatwave affecting Australia’s Kelp Forests

Did you know one hundred kilometers of kelp forest were destroyed by marine heatwave between 2010 and 2013? The Great Southern Reef includes a 2300km area of kelp forest. The reef is home to the nations’ most fisheries with an economic value of 10 billion dollars. The destruction of the kelp caused the extinction of […]

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India: 50 Million Trees in 24 Hours!

Many of you know us as Tree Ottawa, an Ecology Ottawa initiative striving to plant one million trees by 2017 for Canada’s 150th birthday. This process has taken us numerous months, and there is no denying the amount of time it takes to make this happen. India has done the same work we’re trying to do, just […]

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Did You Know: Tree-Wind Turbines in Paris

Did you know that since 2015, you can find turbines in the shape of trees? New Wind, a French energy company, has developed a sustainable electrical power generating system in the form of trees years. The idea is that each leaf is actually a mini turbine, catching the wind and rotating horizontally to produce energy. With these small turbines, […]

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New Tree Protection Changes

Did you know that as of May 26th, 2016, new changes to protect urban trees have been implemented for the process of getting a distinctive tree permit in the city? For years, urban trees have been needlessly destroyed by infill developers. However, the majority of those trees didn’t need to die; their deaths could have been avoided altogether […]

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Reforesting Nicaragua

Exploring Possibilities for Reforestation in Southwestern Nicaragua

Why should we explore methods of reforestation? Approximately 80% of central america’s vegetation has disappeared. This has consequence on the regions’s biodiversity which is not able to survive. (Dorgay, et. al., 2016) Luckily a non-profit organization Paso Pacifico tries to find solutions for re-forestation such as tree planting and the concept of living fence rows. (Dorgay, […]

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Here’s how forest fires do good for the environment

Forest Fires   Forest fires can be normal and natural. Here’s why: They help “clean up” forests and keep them healthy. But for years, many Americans looked upon forest fires as something bad—something that needed to be stamped out. So that’s what we tried to do. That approach caused problems: Without any fires to clear […]

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Congratulations to Westboro Beach for Winter Trail

credit: CBC News A new trail for skiers, snowshoers and more is opening along the Ottawa River today. The Sir John A. Macdonald Winter Trail runs along the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway from the Canadian War Museum to Westboro Beach. The new Sir John A. Macdonald Winter Trail is running as a pilot project from […]

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