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Are passionate about literature and trees? Ever wonder whether there are any fantastic books on trees? Well, look no further! We have complied a list of fantastic tree-related books that we think everyone should read in their spare time. These aren’t you average books on pure tree facts–no, these books are fantastics books about the culture of trees in relationship in all aspects of our lives. They are all factual, and many are written by Canadian authors such as Diana Beresford-Kroeger,  John Vaillant, and David Suzuki.

There is so much to know and learn about when it comes to trees, that sometimes it’s hard to imagine ever starting. Tree Ottawa wants to make the process of sewing tree-love fun, easy and social! This compiled list of tree books will send you down an exciting mental journey that is not only enthralling, it is packed with tree-facts! You won’t even realize that you’re learning.

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All these books can be found at Ottawa’s local bookstore, Perfect Books. They are located at 258 Elgin Street, so be sure to check them out!




The Global Forest
Last Child in the Woods
The Wild Trees
The Man Who Planted Trees

Eating Dirt: Deep Forests, Big Timber, and Life with Tree-Planting Tribe By: Charlotte Gill

Eating Dirt
The Hidden Life of Trees

The Golden Spruce


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