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Protect A Tree

 Protecting Trees in Ottawa   Trees are vulnerable to a multitude of stressors such as drought, insects and disease. Tree Ottawa’s Adopt-a-Tree Program significantly improves a tree’s chance of survival thanks to residents like you who commit to basic tree care. In fact, research shows adopted trees can grow two times faster than trees that do not receive adequate […]

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Plant A Tree

So You Want To Plant a Tree…   We’re your one stop for tree planting information in Ottawa! Our website is a great place to start for step-by-step DIY instructions to transplanting and planting your tree, as well as for information about Ottawa nurseries and tree planting programs in the city. Check out Ecology Ottawa’s […]

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American Elm

Native Tree Profile #1: American Elm

By: Owen Clarkin and Elizaveta Lisovskaya American Elm is one of North America’s best-known trees, famous for its arching vase-like growth form, very large size, long life, strong (difficult to split) wood, and ideal growth form. It is something of a generalist species. It especially favours seasonally wet soils, but takes to almost any type of […]

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Experimental Farm to build aMAZEing Labyrinth

This weekend on Saturday May 31st and June 1st from 9 am til dusk both days, the Experimental Farm will be beginning their Beyond the Edge: Artists Gardens at the Farm exhibit. This project will begin with the building of a labyrinth under a 100 year old red oak facilitated by Barbara Brown. The public  is welcome […]

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Pratt & Whitney Canada: Ten Years of Planting Local Trees

  For the tenth consecutive year, Pratt and Whitney, a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, has made a huge donation to help the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation plant their annual total of 300,000 trees. The Pratt & Whitney Canada trees- young, vigorous, native Canadian seedlings such as white cedar, white […]

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Glashan Greening

Glashan Schoolyard Greening Project

Glashan Public School currently looks like what some students describe as a ‘jail’. The Glashan Schoolyard Greening Project aims to change this. Instead of the pavement, and lack of trees thanks to Emerald Ash Borer, this project hopes to completely overhaul the schoolyard around the school to include trees, walkways, and friendlier, more serviceable area […]

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Stittsville Cedar Grove Stewardship Project

  The Ottawa Stewardship Council (OCS), in partnership with the City of Ottawa, is working to care for a city-owned cedar grove in Stittsville that is well over 100 years old. The OCS will be conducting a variety of programs and activities surrounding the forest during 2014-2015 including partnering with a high school for environmental […]

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Promote A Tree

1 Million Trees! There are several ways you can promote trees in Ottawa 1. Plant Trees If you’d like to plant a tree (or trees) on your own property check out the Tree Nursery on this site for a listing of various suppliers. If you’re specifically interested in a fruit tree, we recommend Hidden Harvest for a wide variety of trees available […]

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Blackburn Tree Planting Group Edit

Fruitful Tree Planting in Blackburn Hamlet

  Phase 1 has been completed to re-tree Blackburn Hamlet. Ecology Ottawa contributed 30 fruit and nut trees to volunteers that showed up for the recent tree planting in the Hamlet on Saturday May 24th. This planting means that we should have a terrific fruit grove in 5 – 7 years that will produce fruit for the […]

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Tree Ottawa Champions

We are grateful that a number of noteworthy Canadians are supporting Tree Ottawa by agreeing to be Tree Ottawa Champions. Learn more about these great people below:  

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