Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa Logo

Tree Ottawa is a project sponsored by Ecology Ottawa, an organization committed to making Ottawa the green capital of Canada.

How We Do It

We watch what city hall is doing: We celebrate the environmentally responsible decisions and actions; webring to light the things that hurt our environment; and we advocate to our politicians at all levels of government.

We work with individual people, in neighbourhoods all across Ottawa.  We work with people one on one so that we know, and they know, and their neighbours know, what the local environmental issues are; and more importantly what can be done about them.

We work with partners: Supportive City Councillors, MPs and MPPs; local businesses; community associations; industry and professional associations; cultural groups; and citizens groups are among those that Ecology Ottawa reaches out to and works with on our common environmental goals.


  • Ecology Ottawa was instrumental in re-engaging the City of Ottawa in climate change planning beginning with the March 2013 GHG Roundtable.
  • Ecology Ottawa has been a prime mover in gaining commitment from Ontario and the federal government to fund the Ottawa River Action Plan to stop raw sewage being dumped into the Ottawa River.

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