Tree Ottawa Guide

Ecology Ottawa’s Guide to the Tree Ottawa Initiative

There is more to planting a tree than simply finding a clear space, and putting a tree in the ground. It’s also important to consider:

  • Is the tree you want to plant native?
  • How much space will the tree occupy when it’s fully grown?
  • Who is the property owner of the site where you want to plant the tree?
  • Are there Hydro Lines, other underground service lines or sewers?

The Tree Ottawa initiative includes trees planted on public City of Ottawa space, on sites controlled by the National Capital Commission (NCC), in areas under the care of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA), and on privately owned land. When planting trees, you must accommodate Hydro “rights-of-way” and other service lines such as sewers, water delivery and telecommunications. Remember to “Call Before You Dig”!

The Tree Ottawa Guide is a handy tool to help you navigate these questions, and to help identifiy important contact information and other resources. Download by clicking on the image below, or by clicking here:


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