Take Action!

Ottawa is losing over 20 million trees to the Emerald Ash Borer.

That’s 1 in 4 trees in our city!

The time to TAKE ACTION is now.

Adopt a tre746px-Pinus_sylvestris_seedlings_kze

It is so important to give young trees everything they need to ensure they grow up to be healthy and strong! Adopting a tree is easy, inexpensive, and will make a huge contribution to the quality of your neighbourhood’s tree canopy.

Plant a treeIMG_1512

Together we will come together as a community to plant one million trees and we need your help. Whether it’s on your own property, or as part of a community initiative, you can help!

VolunteeBlackburn Tree Planting Group Editr

Are you passionate about making your community more green and environmentally friendly?  Volunteer with Tree Ottawa! Many opportunities will be coming up, so check our website often for updates.


Keep up with the latest from Tree Ottawa and let us know what you’re doing! Help us share the story of the growing movement of people across Ottawa that are working together to protect, plant, and promote our city’s trees.

Sign the petition3535266165_b1919658bd_z

Invasive pests, climate change, extreme weather events, and urban development all pose threats to the trees that are so vital to our quality of life.  Let’s have a strong plan in place to protect our urban forest and the many benefits it provides for generations to come. Sign our petition calling on the City of Ottawa to adopt a clear, publicly available Forest Management Strategy.


Make a donation to Tree Ottawa and get trees planted! Just $50 helps Tree Ottawa purchase trees for local plantings and supports outreach efforts to key collaborators working with us to reach one million trees planted.

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