Tree Ottawa, an Ecology Ottawa initiative, aims to plant 1 million trees in Ottawa as our gift to Canada for its 150th anniversary.

A million trees by 2017 is more than putting trees in the ground. It’s also about engaging residents, private companies and public organizations in growing a greener community, a greener Ottawa and a greener future together.  Tree Ottawa is an all-inclusive, inter-generational, community-centred legacy to expand and nurture Ottawa’s tree canopy.

To realize this legacy Tree Ottawa will, through various projects discussed throughout this site, Protect, Plant & Promote!

  1. Protect Trees  by sharing with Ottawans how to better care for and appreciate our existing tree canopy.
  2. Plant Trees – by helping Ottawa residents properly plant trees and collaborate with like-minded citizens and organizations to reach our 1 million trees planted goal together.
  3. Promote Tree Habitat – by identifying, protecting and connecting important ecological areas of the city and celebrating cherished trees in our community.



One Comment on “About”

  1. Maureen Stark
    January 22, 2015 at 11:35 am #

    Hi Velta, thanks for the conversation just now about Tree Ottawa and for all the great work being done by you and the city on this, and thank you also for speaking with me about the possibility of learning more about ‘Free the Chaudiere Falls and its Islands’ as well. I look forward to meeting you to support Tree Ottawa , Feb.3rd in Orleans..
    Maureen Stark
    613 738 7382

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