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Plant A Tree

So You Want To Plant a Tree…   We’re your one stop for tree planting information in Ottawa! Our website is a great place to start for step-by-step DIY instructions to transplanting and planting your tree, as well as for information about Ottawa nurseries and tree planting programs in the city. Check out Ecology Ottawa’s […]

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Native Tree Profile #2: Eastern White Pine

By: Owen Clarkin and Elizaveta Lisovskaya Eastern White Pine is noted for its beauty, height, and historical significance. The tree has a distinctive growth habit, with usually a single straight trunk and wide-spreading horizontal branches; in maturity the crown becomes irregular, with prominent individual lateral branches. In the natural old-growth forests, Eastern White Pine often grew […]

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Native Tree Profile #1: American Elm

By: Owen Clarkin and Elizaveta Lisovskaya American Elm is one of North America’s best-known trees, famous for its arching vase-like growth form, very large size, long life, strong (difficult to split) wood, and ideal growth form. It is something of a generalist species. It especially favours seasonally wet soils, but takes to almost any type of […]

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