#CraftChange: Sponsored Tree Giveaway!

Have you heard of Maker House’s #CraftChange before? #CraftChange is an initiative in which 2% of all sales are donated to local non-for-profit organizations. And we are excited to say that from ...

The Tree Ottawa Boothing Team at the Dragon Boat Festival

Volunteers Needed!

Are you passionate about making your community more green and environmentally friendly?  Volunteer with Tree Ottawa! The Tree Ottawa Data Team: Responsibilities for data volunteer include data entry and upload, ...

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Petition the City of Ottawa to adopt a long-term Urban Forest Management Strategy!

Invasive, aggressive and spreading, the Emerald Ash Borer is killing millions of trees every year in the nation’s capital decimating the urban canopy and costing taxpayers millions of dollars as the city struggles ...



Protect A Tree

 Protecting Trees in Ottawa   Trees are vulnerable to a multitude of ...

Plant A Tree

So You Want To Plant a Tree…   We’re your one stop ...

Promote A Tree

1 Million Trees! There are several ways you can promote trees in Ottawa ...

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#Goals: Grow an Old Growth Forest in Your Backyard

Imagine if you could say, “In the next 10 years, I will grow an established 100 year old forest in my backyard.”  Seems like an outlandish idea, especially if you live in the downtown area.  But Shubhendu Sharma, an entrepreneur and forest facilitator, does just that.  He’s helped plant 75 thriving forests in 25 cities […]

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Where the Past Meets the Present – Local and Regional Archeology

Are you free this Saturday? Friends of Petrie Island has an exciting event tomorrow! Come on out to learn first-hand from the president of the Ottawa Archeological Society himself, as he goes over the history of Ottawa Valley! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn a bit more about Ottawa’s history, especially the geological fascination of the Ottawa […]

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New Technology to Change Climate Change

In recent weeks climate change have been shown by heatwaves (more than 50C) in Iraq and India (Paul Rogers, 2016). Climate scientists have already warned about global temperature disruption. Measures have been taken and many states participated in the Paris climate summit in December. It was agreed that a limit of 1.5C should be reached […]

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Conserving the Boreal Forest and Protecting Migratory Bird Nurseries

Nothing is quite as impressive as the annual migration of billions of birds as they fly south from North America’s Boreal Forest where they’ve nested and they’ve raised young.  The Boreal Forest is one of the largest intact forest regions on earth and is home to thousands of bird species for breeding. These forest nurseries […]

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Feeling A Little Distracted? Try Some Green Space Therapy!

Next time you’re at work and feeling distracted, take a break to look at a tree!  Research suggests that even short periods of exposure to natural spaces can help reset the mind and improve focus. In January of 2016, National Geographic posted an article called, “This Is Your Brain on Nature” which describes nature’s rejuvenating […]

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Bioenergy in the United Kingdom

UK’s ‘renewable’ energy (about 70%) comes from bioenergy which is the burning of biomass. Every year UK imports millions of tons of wood from North America. These woods pellets are then burnt and accounts for ‘climate friendly’ electricity. 2/3rd of the EU’s renewable energy comes from bioenergy as well, however they do not have to import […]

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An Emerald Ash Borer Just Stole My Bicycle!

By Kim Loenhart Can an invasive beetle kill our trees and steal our bicycles? It seems like an unlikely idea straight out of a science fiction movie. However, a new study published in the journal, Landscape and Urban Planning, might convince you. The study suggests that emerald ash borer infestations, and their related tree loss, […]

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Tree with 40 Types of Fruit

One tree. 40 different kinds of fruit. A professor at Syracuse University is creating stunning trees that bear up to 40 types of fruit. No genetic modifications required, it’s considered both natural and conservational. How does it work? Basically, a sliver of the tree is cut off at a branch of a tree. Another branch […]

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Science Project by Nova Scotia Student Highlights Cleaning Environmental Disaster

Who says one kid can’t make a difference? It all started as an elementary school project and has now transformed into a city project. After months of collecting data, a student in Nova Scotia has managed to determine the high levels of bacteria in the Bridgewater N.S. river. The cause was the release of untreated […]

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Bike Love 400x215

Bike Love

Bike Love in Ottawa!!!! This Friday, July 29th, you are invited to drop in for a fun “Bike Love” summer social event at Maker House (987 Wellington St. West in Hintonburg, beside the LCBO). For those not yet familiar, the store is a new social enterprise (8-months old) with a curated collection of handmade home […]

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