Thank you! Ottawa Park Summit Wrap-Up

Ecology Ottawa would like to thank everyone who participated at the Ottawa Park Summit, which took place on April 22nd, 2017. The event was a big success! We exceeded our ...

A New Urban Forest Management Plan is Officially on its Way to Council

On Tuesday, June 20th 2017, Ecology Ottawa appeared at City Hall to congratulate the City of Ottawa for developing a new Urban Forest Management Plan draft, and to gift the ...

2017 Ecology Ottawa’s tree giveaway : species-specific instructions

Ecology Ottawa is embarking on our largest tree giveaway in Ottawa’s history! We are giving away nine different types of trees throughout summer. Thank you if you already have your tree sapling and here ...


Promote A Tree

1 Million Trees! There are several ways you can promote trees in Ottawa ...

Plant A Tree

So You Want To Plant a Tree…   We’re your one stop ...

Protect A Tree

Protecting Trees in Ottawa   Trees are vulnerable to a multitude of ...

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France: First Country to Ban Plastic Dishes and Cutlery

It is evident people are becoming aware of how horrible plastic is for the environment, given the drastic shift away from using plastic bags in favour for reusable ones. Plastic dishes and cutlery have yet to be banned or frowned upon…until now. France has announced that they will be passing a law in 2020, banning […]

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August 19th-20th: Tree Giveaway Events

August may be soon ending, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t time to plant a tree! Ecology Ottawa is continuing to hand out THOUSANDS of free trees this summer. Here are all the events we’ll be at this week:   Saturday, August 19th MEC with Envirocentre: 12pm-2pm, 366 Richmond Rd Inspiration Village: 1pm-4pm, Byward Market Sunday, […]

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Chocolate Companies: Standing Against Deforestation

Chocolate: a highly sought-after, delectable good. Some even jokingly call it a “sin,” for its appeal had led astray many into the realm of gluttony. But we think there’s a bigger sin at play than just indulging in endless bars of chocolate. And that’s the number of forests that are destroyed and cleared in order to […]

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Edible Water: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Hydration

People are slowly becoming more and more aware of the harmful impacts water bottles pose to the environment. But water is essential to the human’s diet, so what are alternative methods to getting the hydration we need with minimal harm to the environment? The answer is yes. “Edible Water Bubbles” may sound like things of […]

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August 11th-13th: Tree Giveaway Events

Ecology Ottawa isn’t holding back with our Free Tree Giveaways! We still have thousands of trees to hand out, and with the summer wrapping up soon, you’ll want to get yours quick! We have a busy weekend planned, so there are numerous chances for you to snag a tree! Here are the events we’ll be at this […]

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Green Roofs on Canadian Grocery Stores: Immediate Locally Fresh Produce!

It’s a growing fact: local foods are better for the environment, the economy, and overall health. The less distance food travels to get to the grocery store, less emissions are emitted into the environment, and the fresher and healthier the produce for the citizens buying them. But what if produce were grown directly from the […]

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Trees for Toilet Paper: Good or Bad?

Sanitation: essential for developed countries, and a fast-growing priority for developing countries. Included with clean water and food includes access to clean lavatories. And with clean lavatories comes toilet paper. But where does toilet paper actually come from? The name itself, “toilet paper,” implies that it is being derived from trees. Each day, 27,000 worth […]

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August 5th-6th: Tree Giveaway Events!

August already, and we’re still giving away THOUSANDS of free trees! This is the perfect time to plant a tree. Here are the events we’ll be at this weekend:   Saturday, August 5th: Rideau Library Branch (10am-5pm) Inspiration Village (11am-4pm) Sunday, August 6th: Art Hour Café: Summer in the City (12pm-4pm)   If you’re still looking […]

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Doctor’s Orders: Prescription Visits to Parks!

Common doctor prescriptions include painkillers, ointments, sometimes specific medical instruments. But what about actual visits to parks? Nicknamed “ParkRx,” doctors in South Dakota are now legally entitled to write park prescriptions, which instruct patients to take “one free day at any South Dakota state park or recreational area.” South Dakota’s Department of Health and South […]

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An Alternative Google that Plants Trees for Each Search!

It’s a known fact: Google is an essential part of our lives. But did you know there’s another Google that let you plant trees at the same time? The answer to that is Ecosia.   Ecosia works just like Google–except the website plants a tree for every item you enter into the search bar. Essentially, […]

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