A New Urban Forest Management Plan is Officially on its Way to Council

On Tuesday, June 20th 2017, Ecology Ottawa appeared at City Hall to congratulate the City of Ottawa for developing a new Urban Forest Management Plan draft, and to gift the ...

Tree Ottawa Summer Fundraiser

Dearest Tree Ottawa supporters, Thank you for your tremendous support of Ecology Ottawa over the years, especially our Tree Ottawa campaign. This summer, we would like to invite you to ...

2017 Ecology Ottawa’s tree giveaway : species-specific instructions

Ecology Ottawa is embarking on our largest tree giveaway in Ottawa’s history! We are giving away nine different types of trees throughout summer. Thank you if you already have your tree sapling and here ...


Protect A Tree

 Protecting Trees in Ottawa   Trees are vulnerable to a multitude of ...

Plant A Tree

So You Want To Plant a Tree…   We’re your one stop ...

Promote A Tree

1 Million Trees! There are several ways you can promote trees in Ottawa ...

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June 28th-July 2nd Tree Giveaway Events

This week marks the end of June, and the beginning of July. But that’s no reason to stop our FREE tree giveaway momentum!

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June 22nd-25th Tree Giveaway Events!

This weekend, we are going to some of the biggest festivals of the summer to give away HUNDREDS of FREE trees, including the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival. Here are the events we’ll be at this weekend. If you’re in the area and want to pick a tree (or just want a friendly face to say hi…we’re […]

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Tree Giveaway Weekend Events: June 17th-18th

Have you heard? Ecology Ottawa is giving away thousands of FREE trees this summer! We’ll be handing them out at a multitude of events every week! Here are the events we’ll be at this weekend. If you’re in the area and want to pick a tree (or just want a friendly face to say hi…we’re super friendly!), […]

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Ottawa Community Housing Tree Plantings

    Trees make communities better. With that in mind, Ottawa Community Housing recently partnered with Ecology Ottawa to do a tree planting in two neighbourhoods in the city. With the help of a whole bunch of awesome volunteers we were able to plant 20 trees in each neighbourhood!  The trees planted included lilacs, crab […]

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Scientifically True: Trees for Happier and Healthier Lives!

There’s just something about trees that helps take the edge off all the craziness in our lives. It’s no big secret, but trees bring happiness to our lives.

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SAVE THE FARM – Protest to save our trees and greenspace

Join a group of impassioned Ottawa resident’s to protest the current decision to build the Civic Hospital’s new campus on the Experimental Farms. On Saturday January 21st, at 11am, community members will meet in the Observatory parking lot (Carling and Maple Dr.) to protest this decision. If this development is approved, hundreds of mature and […]

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Can Garlic injections help with some tree diseases?

Injecting trees with a concentrated form of garlic might help save trees in the UK from deadly diseases. Operating under an experimental government licence, a prototype piece of technology to administer the solution is being trialled on a woodland estate in Northamptonshire. Widespread use of the injection process is impractical and expensive. But it could […]

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12 ways to have an eco friendly holiday

See original article:  http://www.smallfootprintfamily.com/eco-friendly-holiday-tips 1. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper or Go Without Most mass-produced wrapping paper you find in stores is not recyclable because of the shiny coatings, foils and colors, and therefore ends up in landfills. And sadly, most wrapping paper and ribbon is produced in Asian sweatshops! What a shame so many […]

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Ottawa’s Forest Management Plan – Phase 2 Public Consultations

It’s a plan that will shape how the City of Ottawa promotes and cares for its trees for the next 20 years, and these public meetings are an opportunity for you to learn more and provide input. The Urban Forest Management Plan is a whopping 265 pages but it’s summed up nicely in a 10 […]

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Learn About Sustainable Cities!

Do you have an interest in urban geography and the way cities function?  Are you driven by a passion for sustainability?  Would you like a chance to unite these in an academic setting?  If so, we have a great opportunity for you! The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network is offering a free, online course […]

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