Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

How to Get a Job in IT Sector?

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Getting a job in IT sector is not difficult. It’s pretty easy if you know the tips and tricks.

Let’s start by some myth busting.

  1. You must know Big platform based technologies like Java, Python, PHP, bla bla etc.
    Nahh !! not at all required. Simple C++ would also work. BUT. You need to know it well. M not suggesting to gather 100% knowledge. Focus on only 60%. But focus it well. You should know every bit of that 60% (means you should know 100% of that particular 60 %).
  2. You must have some or the other reference in big MNC (like an old friend or some elder brother or sister)
    Do you really think that all these IT guys and gals have someone to pull them up. No my friend. It’s all up to you. Well having someone to guide you always helps but it will not land you in Job. It will only take you maximum to the interview panel. Clearing the interview is another trick which i will discuss below.
  3. You must communicate fluently in English
    Trust me. I have seen people blabbering in client calls and using fillers like aaa….ummmm… errrrr. Have worked in 3 metropolitan cities and in my experience I have rarely seen people with fluency. Speaking in fluent English is not priority. Speaking with clear tone and making the other person understand your point is main priority.
  4. There are other myths also like your resume should be professional (resume should have keywords most importantly which the job description requires).. then you should always project your weakness as your strengths.. like if question is what is your weakness then you should answer like being perfectionist is my weakness or being too punctual is my weakness (nope.. never .. not… recruiters get these type of answers daily and in next second you will be out of the premises)
    Let me know if you want to know about any myth or any rumor. I will try my best to help you out. Contact details are provided in the end of this post.

Now let’s move to the tips and tricks of the trade.

  1. Resume: let’s start with your resume. You should not have one single resume for all the jobs. Although it’s good to have a single format containing all your details but the resume should contain more of the requirement as per the JD (Job Description). Don’t bother to make a fresh one every time. Just add the terms appropriately in the resume. In addition to this i would strongly suggest not to bluff in your resume or give incorrect information. You don’t want to get black listed from whole IT sector. YES it happens and don’t be a part of it.
  2. Programming Skills: At this market level, learn few programming and at least one DB (database) skills. There are many good websites which might help you to learn (ping me and I will guide you). Don’t go for big technologies because irrespective of what you know, they are definitely gonna train you as per project requirement.
  3. Entrance Exams: AMCAT and Elitmus. Please do please take these 2 exams and keep trying until you get a good score. Don’t get disheartened if you are unable to score good percentile. I have some dumps. let me know if anyone wants. It might help.
  4. References: Rarely the company releases vacancies for freshers but it does sometimes. So if you don’t have any brother or sister working in MNC, don’t get disappointed. AMCAT and Elitmus exams will pull you up.

Once you get the interview call, let me know if you want some inside tips and tricks for cracking the technical/HR round. I will say it’s not a cake walk but it’s also not a bed of nails and i think you must know the secrets 😛

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